Our Mission Statement


“Empower all media creators to secure their rights within their creations”

Our vision for the future is a modernized media rights economy, where artists, writers and rights owners can express their rights securely within their creations. We believe forming a verified truth around media that can be easily shared globally will allow rights holders to: efficiently license and monetize their media asset to all global media markets; spark new revenue streams thanks to information transparency; and make business more efficient so creators can spend more time creating. Verifi’s technology and business solutions will form the foundation for a more sustainable and diverse global creative economy.


“Verifi enhances media data by synchronizing all parties in the digital value chain”

Verifi is focused on innovating how media data is enhanced, corrected, shared, tracked and broadcast across all parties in the media value chain. We believe collaborative sharing of dynamic media data leads to better data, which results in significantly better business decisions for all parties. Verifi ensures the shared data and participant relationships are maintained throughout the life cycle of the creative asset, including changes to ownership over time. Verifi’s technology leverages modern tools and technology such as: enterprise blockchain technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, user and data scoring, and media watermarking to build a comprehensive ecosystem of verified media files with the most accurate associated metadata. Verifi’s initial focus is on recorded music, but its approach has broad applications across all digital media assets.

These tools put media files and ownership information at the forefront of a distributed environment, which streamlines their delivery and management for all parties. The result is an official record of a creative work’s owners and agents over time that is harmonized with the media file itself. Verifi normalizes, not replaces, standard media formats and protocols to enable a faster more robust data economy for all parties in media. Verifi’s philosophy is to work together with world-class business clients and creators in an open way to solve tangible problems, facilitate broad adoption across use cases and pursue new opportunities.


“Improved media data will lead to a stronger creative economy”

The heart of our mission is to connect creators directly into the narrative of all aspects of their creative assets. Whether that is providing access to better media data services, or enabling direct input into how their creative assets can be used commercially, Verifi’s solutions will lead to a significantly stronger global creative economy in the digital world. It is our strong belief that our dynamic set of solutions will enable not only a dramatic improvement in efficiency, but open new avenues for creators and rights holders to monetize and finance their creative assets. We believe, ultimately, all parties in the media businesses will benefit from making the digital world friendlier for creators.

Verifi knows creator advocacy and education are critical to achieving our mission. As a public benefit corporation, Verifi reinvests up to 5% of net profits toward creator advocacy efforts, including supporting select media education foundations.

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