Harmonizing media + ownership

We link media files, ownership data, and artwork in a bundle to facilitate multiparty communication.

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Connecting media & ownership

Verifi answers the question "who owns the rights to this song?" by bundling audio files with their ownership metadata files.

We believe a modern rights framework should:


We can ingest and reconsititute industry standards like DDEX, CWR and JSON - and organize data into private proprietary data & public facing information to ensure your data remains private.


Our complex permissioning system allows parties to share data securely with trusted partners, and embargo data sharing to release date.


Algorithmic data cleansing and scoring keeps data clean, accurate, and identifies bad actors.


Once works, masters, audio or artwork are bundled - we store a hash on the blockchain to point to this authoritative data source.


Assets can be tracked and modified prior to supply chain delivery - streamlining the process. Catalog ingestion allows for easy search and version management of catalog.

How it works for Companies:
How it works for Artists:


It begins with the music and creators

We build authority around Verifi bundles (work, master, audio) by giving the owners power to make and broadcast amendments to all parties.

  • ISWC/ISRC Matching
  • Immutable ledger of changes
  • Smart Verifi bundle export
  • Multiparty amendments & communication
  • Watermarking with Digimarc


Verifi cryptographically and immutably associates metadata, audio files, artwork and ownership data in a shared ecosystem; synchronises data so it is current and accurate; and leverages algorithmic cleansing and data scoring engines to improve data.

Importantly, changes and suggestions can be made at the user interface level and travel through the full stack.


In the Layer 1 protocols sit the Distributed Ledger or Blockchain layer and a Distributed Storage layer, providing a flexible, content-addressable ledger service.

Layer 2 is the Distributed Sync and Syndication system, using Git as an online protocol. This allows users to pack files together and connect the versions via hashes. Then, you upload the packfile into Distributed Storage allowing the user to unpack and read this file later.

On Layer 3, the Distributed User Hubs, users can see what is stored in the Git Repository. This is the user interaction layer.


Our technology partners, Cardstack and Exactuals offer revolutionary new ways to link and clean data.

What is Cardstack?
What is Exactuals' RAI?

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different?

We use existing industry standards like DDEX and CWR data, our architecture ensures that multiple parties can build a collective truth about a given song and/or recording and its owners through communication layers, public and private data sets, and blockchain technology to ensure that all data is current and synchronized. We are not using cryptocurrency, we are not collecting royalty payment information, and we are not using an ICO.

Is it secure?

Verifi Media uses its proprietary data and user authority models, to identify and to remove bad actors, while at the same time being able to fix incorrect or outdated ownership data both before it gets to, and then once its actually in the data environment. In other words, data remains secure, and contributors of good data are rewarded.

A common set of goals across media businesses and creators is emerging as to what modern data solutions should offer. These include:

  • Sharing data across multiple parties = more complete and better data;
  • Connecting datasets across rights owners, agents and creators (ex: music works and recordings);
  • Tracking changes systematically over time;
  • Broadcasting changes and data efficiently to all relevant parties;
  • Scoring data to ensure relevant parties know how good the data is at all times;
  • Leveraging algorithms to normalize and complete datasets;
  • Smarter media files working for creators by explicitly linking the data to related media/audio files;
  • Embracing standards - data standards and identifiers (like DDEX or IPIs) must be implemented consistently by ALL parties;
  • Make it interoperable, not stand alone or solely controlled by any one organization;
  • Scale globally by addressing the global nature of the music business, not catering to any one territory;
  • Sharing data across multiple parties = more complete and better data;
  • Make it transparent and treat all creators, owners and agents fairly.

What do you mean music industry players will “form collective truth?”

Verifi is not a new data standard that the industry has to adopt. Rather it is a way of bundling and improving on existing standards of music data like those that songwriters, publishers, record labels and streaming services use. This bundle is linked to a permanent blockchain record that can never be erased, only amended forward - creating an authoritative time-machine style ledger and history of changes to a song’s ownership.

Why the blockchain? Isn’t this just a database?

Blockchain is a technology that can anchor data and connect dots. In a world where more songs are released daily than ever before, more data per song exists than ever before, and many parties are globally involved but with no easy communication solution -- a blockchain anchored data environment is highly effective at:

  • Recording data and changes - then broadcasting them quickly to the community;
  • Providing an immutable audit history of the data and its sources;
  • Building a "collective truth" across multiple parties at the speed of digital.

Is Verifi a cryptocurrency like bitcoin?

The blockchain solution we use at Verifi is not for crypto-currency but purely for information. Think of it as a shared surface on which all parties in the music industry can collectively share and own information about the songs and artists they work with.


Experts in our field

We're a multi-disciplined industry focused team. We know music. We know rights. We know data. We know blockchain.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Head of Product Development

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Chief Strategy Officer

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Head of Business Operations

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Head of Engineering

Casper Purtlebaugh

Senior Developer

Christian Babikian

Business Development Associate

Vickie Nauman

Industry and Metadata Advisor

Chris McMurtry

Exactuals' RAI & Metadata Advisor

Bill Wilson

Co-founder, Metadata Advisor


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